The Campers Inn RV Mission and Vision

Campers Inn RV is a family-operated RV dealership with a mission: As the Trusted Resource of the Recreation Industry, we enrich the lives of our customers by specializing in products and services that help them find their “AWAY.”

Our Vision: Campers Inn RV is the Trusted Resource and preferred dealership for our employees, customers, and partners and is the industry’s innovation leader and positive disruptor. Positioned for global growth, we are the most respected brand in the business, creating value with all of our dealerships, providing career opportunities for our employees, and making our communities better.

The Campers Inn RV Core Values


Treat your fellow man as you want to be treated. Everyone at Campers Inn will base their actions on the moral standards of, “Do not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do” and “Do what is right even when no one is looking.”

Never be too proud or embarrassed to admit we made a mistake. We are all human, but we must accept full ownership of our actions, resolve errors favorably, and then move on.

Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want broadcasted on the evening news.


Through teamwork and camaraderie, Campers Inn strives to be an employer where all team members are challenged, satisfied, and valued. In order to accomplish this, Campers Inn will foster a competitive atmosphere where all team members strive to succeed and win together.

Every team member will work together to create the best results possible. Leaders will ensure their subordinate team members are successful and they will surround themselves with those who have competencies different than their own. As team players, our weaknesses become our strengths only when we surround ourselves with those who can fill our own competency gaps. 

Every team member’s opinion is valued. As such, Campers Inn will maintain as ‘flat’ an organization as possible so that everyone can contribute to the team and add to the value of the organization.

Be a mentor. We are a teaching organization, thus we want to grow each and every individual and have them reach their full potential.



Each team member will strive for the highest personal, team, and company achievements in everything they do, from satisfying customer’s needs to the development of corporate strategy.

To be excellent requires seeking and exploiting opportunities. We will accomplish this by thoughtfully changing and adapting our strategies, models, and practices whenever required.  

In order to reach excellence, everyone must continually develop their skills, and Campers Inn will fully support team members as they seek to improve their performance. Performance improvement is a life-long process and includes formal and informal education, continual performance feedback, and the sustainment of a positive work environment.

We are committed to excellence and will ensure that we continually exceed our customers’ expectations; we will cultivate the highest quality work environment possible; we will continue to be an integral part of our community; and we will strive to be an enlightened business in all we do.


Corporate Sustainability

Every action an employee takes should support the financial stability of the company. From providing excellent service to ensuring profitable sales to balancing the corporate budget, always asking if each action is favorable or unfavorable to Campers Inn. Every employee is vital in ensuring the company’s success.

Profitability allows us to reinvest in our people, in our business and in our community and is the foundation of stability and growth for all team members.