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Mission & Values

The Campers Inn RV Mission and Vision

Campers Inn RV is a family-operated RV dealership with a mission: As the Trusted Resource of the Recreation Industry, we enrich the lives of our customers by specializing in products and services that help them find their “AWAY.”

Our Vision: Campers Inn RV is the Trusted Resource and preferred dealership for our employees, customers, and partners and is the industry’s innovation leader and positive disruptor. Positioned for global growth, we are the most respected brand in the business, creating value with all of our dealerships, providing career opportunities for our employees, and making our communities better.

The Campers Inn RV Core Values

We are guided by our company’s values at all levels and in all areas of both our business and individual work decisions and actions. We do this to benefit all of our organization’s key stakeholder groups (customers, employees, owners, and other key parties). 


Key Result: Strong, consistent all-win relationships built on mutual respect and trust with all of our key stakeholder groups

Key Actions:

  1. Do what’s right to achieve our desired key result all the time
  2. Be responsible, accountable and dependable with respect to what we say and do
  3. Be honest and assure others do the same
  4. Be fair with all


Key Result: Achieved success and satisfaction byseamlessly interacting and working together with ALLof our key stakeholder groups

Key Actions:

  1. Cooperate and collaborate with others by both assisting and capitalizing on your respective talents and willingness to help achieve expectations, goals through positive, open and clear communications
  2. Together act on and continue to build our own and others resourcefulness for mutual growth--including externally with our customers and community involvement
  3. Show that we value, appreciate each other and recognize each other for our contributions


Key Result: Consistently meeting or exceeding our key stakeholder groups expectations through our continuing development, growth

Key Actions:

  1. Actively helping build and strengthen our organization and relationships that align with our shared company values
  2. Proactively adapting in ways that produce exceptional performance by always being open to improvements by change,  innovation
  3. Strive to be the best we can be and motivate others to do the same through our continuing development, growth


Key Result: The financial stability and growth required for a profitable and healthy companyfor the on-going well-being of all our key stakeholder groups

Key Actions:

  1. Capitalizing on favorable situations and opportunities and effectively dealing with unfavorable ones to do the same
  2. Manage our resources to minimize waste, optimize efficiency and effectiveness, lessen risk, pursue positive changes and achieve growth
  3. Reinvesting in ourselves, others, our business, and our community in ways that benefit all